June 2018
Boston, US


About Event


The explosion of medical sensors and devices, combined with advanced data collection, management, and analytic technologies, provide a tremendous opportunity to transform the way we design and conduct clinical trials to accelerate the delivery of new therapies to patients.

Now, with regulators continuing to encourage the use of mHealth technologies in clinical research, the pressure is increasingly on sites and sponsors to address the technical and cultural concerns preventing wider adoption.

The mHealth for Clinical Trials Summit is your complete and essential guide to implementing mHealth technologies to enhance and expedite clinical development.

Driven by practical case studies and real-world examples of mobile technologies put to work in clinical studies, the agenda addresses issues that range from the accuracy of data collected with wearable sensors, to managing cultural change within an organisation.

Hear how leading companies are transforming the way they conduct trials, using technologies such as:

• Mobile devices
• Wearable sensors
• Apps
• The Internet of Things (IoT)
• Social media

The mHealth for Clinical Trials Summit is especially unique in bringing together all key stakeholders in the development and adoption of these technologies. Representation from Clinical Innovation, Operation and study leaders to Clinical Data and Informatics – from both study sponsors and from trial sites – ensures that discussions at the event are practical, constructive, and represent all points of view.

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